pediatric dental services  Marathon, FL

Pediatric Dentistry

Dr. Thomas M. Kiefer and our caring team are pleased to offer our high-quality dental care to patients of all ages. Our office recommends that you schedule your child’s first appointment with us when your child is about one year old. The main purpose of this first visit is to familiarize your child with the idea of visiting the dentist. During this appointment, we will provide a basic dental cleaning and inspect your child’s smile. Another important reason for this visit is to answer any of your questions about your child’s dental health and to help establish a pattern for good oral hygiene in your child. Our team realizes that it is important for your child to establish these habits at a young age, because these habits will carry into your child’s future.

We also realize that it is important to protect your child’s primary teeth because these teeth play an important role in guiding your child’s permanent teeth into their proper positions. During each of your child’s visits with us, we will work hard to ensure that your child is as comfortable as possible. If you have any questions about pediatric dentistry in Marathon, Florida, please feel free to contact us today. We are anxious to provide you and your family with the care you need for happy, healthy smiles.

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