Read below for this letter (an 85 year old client):

Dear Dr. Kieffer,
Ever since I was a little boy, I have always dreaded going to the dentist. However, since I I have been going to you and your wonderful staff, I feel very comfortable. It is now a pleasure to come here. I shall recommend you and your staff to all my friends.

Bill Ahtes

Read below for this letter:

Dear Dr. Kiefer and Staff:

On behalf of Clavary Baptist Church and Operation Christmas Child, I’d like to say thank you for your generous donation. As you can imagine, a small church like Calvary taking on a pledge for 1000 Christmas boxes is a huge committment, but with help from this great community and the Lord on our side nothing is “to much” May He Keep + Bless You

“Good morning Dr.Kiefer – My left side is pain free. Thanks again to you and your wonderful staff for making my dental visits enjoyable even though I had three wisdom teeth pulled I truly appreciate everything you have all done. Take Care.”

– Kelly

“Dr. Kiefer is an outstanding Dentist. My dad is a Dentist and my sister a Dental Hygienist. We are military and live away from family. I have very high standards for a Dentist and office. This office met and surpass my standards.I had a crown done and it was a superior experience. Thank you.”

– Patti M

“I just moved here and didn’t know where to go to permently change my dentist. Wow I hit the jackpot! Dr. Thomas went to Penn for starters, all the equipment is state of the art. The staff is pretty, friendly and professional . I don’t do surveys but the web helped me find this great guy so I give him and staff a solid five. I’m super happy to have a great easy going dentist!”

– Carla

“I came to Dr. Kiefer with a major issue on an upper right molar. I was told by another local dentist that this tooth needed to be extracted and I would need an implant. Dr. Kiefer was able to save my tooth for me with some fairly extensive, but very painless work. I recently had the permanent crown cemented and it feels better and stronger than my original tooth ever did. I am so thankful to Dr. Kiefer for taking care of me, helping restore this tooth and allowing me to be able to chew with my right side again.”

– GB

The City of Marathon is fortunate to have Dr. Kiefer. He is very professional, takes time to listen, puts you at ease and is very considerate and compassionate. They are the best dental office in the Keys!

– Gail D

We wish to thank you each of you most sincerely for every kindness and generosity extended to us. Yet another year. The results of your great workmanship gives us so many changes. The smiles, the bites, the fittings, the confidence, etc. You have taught us over the years of the importance of each of these and we feel the advantages.
Thank you for your working with us each year – between insurance and pay month. It helps us a great deal.
The kindness and warmness of your staff to help us with dates and times is so welcome.
And lastly, the look- Thank you for giving it to us- Steven, our youngest will be most open to the ideas. With his support we will give it next to Paul, our oldest and then the twins, Brian and David.
To each of you, our dearest thanks for everything, large and small- Stay well, have a super year and enjoy your families.
With love,

– Donna & Dennis

Dr. Kiefer and Team:
“Thanks for taking such good care of our patient, it seems as though you have had to replace a couple of crowns on his lower arch in ’13 and ’15. Thanks so much for a good job, your notes are more than adequate and it was nice to hear from you. I hope that these crowns are all that you have to do for this patient, but ifnot it is comforting to know he is in good hands.
Thanks for all you do for our patient..”

– Dr. Denny

Dear Dr. Kiefer,
“Thank you for solving long overdue dental problems for me.
Your staff makes dental appointments so easy. All of you have great smiles and everyone answered questions and explained procedures so patiently.
I also appreciate the fact that I never had to wait when I had an appointment. You have a great office.
Thank you”

– Anonymous

Dr. Kiefer and Team:
While vacationing in the Florida Keys November 7, a crown that was done back home only three days ago fell off. Needless to say I was quite upset since I would not be home for two more weeks. Fortunately, a Ranger at Curry Hammock recommended you and when I found your office you fixed me right up! I could not be more happy with your care and kindness. The crown has been fine since then. Thank you so much!

– P. Sawyer